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Paroles : Picture Show

You try and try but you rust Hey so why worry if you must Don't you wanna know How the story goes Life's a picture show Life's a picture show Go on and get on with the game I have and I'm just the same Don't you wanna know How the story goes Life's a...

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Paroles : Trip around the sun

I looked up high At the passing stars As they fly right by Like a racing car And some are signs Hung up long ago But they're hard to read When your growing old Another trip around the sun Another year has come and gone I can't remember all I've done And...

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Paroles : Unknown

The day faded out beforeThe day faded out before I could stand leaning on the door In this place of endless thoughts Nothing gives what we gave for us So who'll be a mirror for you Takes a train to bring it home And I think if I knew at all What I don't...

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Paroles : Pink

No fun today I've lost my way Tripping on faith I Fell out of place If it all came down to the end If I could be a holy man I think I'd find Heavens been full for quite some time And they've been standing in a line Down here No more decay I have to say...

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Paroles : Gone

Bleed slowly From the loving Sleeping notion Never knowing Till one day you find Nothing left inside Gone till tomorrow Gone with the sorrow Gone today Gone away, gone away In my poison Milk and honey Only words keep But they're going Twisting in the...

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Concert Pont Audemer

La ville de Pont Audemer a mis sur son site une petite video, à partir de quelques chansons que David a chanté lors du festival Les Mascaret. Merci pour cette bonne initiative, la video est très bien réalisée même si elle est un peu courte ! voici le...

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