Paroles : Whammo

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Never got the hype
For a self inflicted life
that reads like a magazine
It's a drag to be sure
But it might be the cure
'cause you know that's what you believe in
Looking inside her
Whammo eyes
Darling star
Electra glide
She's a cocktail crush
Waiting for a ride
Clever and insane
She's a real tragic flame
Liberating after three
Discretion is advised
And drinking might be wise
'cuse you might need to feel the same
Blasting out your mind
She know's what she will find
All the ghosts you've never seen
While the chrome plated smile
That keeps you getting high
Is rusting in your agony
Fever's gonna die
Before you get to fly
And then you'll just melt away
To live in a blur
For all you can endure
Is that the way you wanna be

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