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There’s really no other new band out there like Nova 6: a truly international unit on a serious mission to have fun, armed with rousing songs which can connect in the most intimate club or the grandest arena. Their debut album brims with creative energy, confidence and surprises, achieving both blistering intensity and a high feelgood factor.

You may be reminded of records as varied as U2’s Achtung Baby, Jeff Buckley’s Grace, David Bowie’s Let’s Dance or Muse’s Showbiz, all of which share a deep-seated love of pop music, a stadium-sized heart bristling with huge hooks and a wide spectrum of textures. Like them, Nova 6's music is also unashamedly dramatic - bold, tender, angry and funny.

There’s a good reason for this. Nova 6 have a wealth of experience behind them. Front man David Hallyday was already a huge star in France when the band formed last year. Based in Switzerland, his father is France’s biggest pop star, Johnny Hallyday, his mother is singer, film-star and American citizen Sylvie Vartan. British guitarist Rob Elton was once part of influential Cornish surf-funkers Rootjoose. Keyboard wizard Andy Bell is a former technical guru for the BBC. Bass-player Steve Fishman worked with Paul McCartney and American drummer Ron Roesing was once in Smashing Pumpkins.

David may come from European rock royalty, but his early years were a battle against his birthright. He did all he could to avoid singing: learning the drums aged 5, taking up the piano, and playing in garage bands at his high school in Los Angeles. Raised in the USA to the sound of Rush, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks, Pink Floyd and the like, he grew up wanting to make large-scale rock that made people happy. In the late ‘80s he was groomed as a teenaged AOR star. Despite some success in Europe and America with his first records he was deeply unhappy. “I hated it. It felt like a job,” he recalls. “God, that was an awful time for music. Only a few survived that decade with their dignity in tact.”

He decided to quit music, planning to do something completely different, but couldn’t resist reforming his high-school garage band, Blind Fish, for fun while writing songs for other people. “That’s when I decided to learn how to sing, so I’d sound good on the demos. I went to a singing teacher, Seth Riggs, a famous guy who taught Michael Jackson. He helped me achieve a much greater range and gave my singing a classical foundation. It was only when I turned 25, having worked in music for almost 10 years, that I started to enjoy singing.”

With his friend Erik Godal, David then formed Novacaine, a kind of surf-grunge band who enjoyed some success in the US. While they toured and started to get some Top 40 radio play, David began writing for the European market. “Mercury asked me to write some things in French, so I’d be sending them demos, one or two songs at a time, then, almost without my knowledge, they put them all out as a solo album in France in 2000 and it went to Number 1.”

At that time, French radio wasn’t keen on guitars, so the album’s production was much more polite than David liked. Audiences were shocked, initially, as he turned up on stage with Novacaine to thunder through the record's hits. But after 7 months on the road, the crowds had completely turned around and a younger audience was responding to that brasher sound.
This reaction inspired David. “I thought, That’s it, I’m going to go back to my roots. I’m going to find the right producer, the right musicians and finally do it all the way I want to do it. I’m in my 30s now, I shouldn’t have to compromise any more.”
Identifying the sound he was after, David was drawn to early recordings by Muse, cut with producer Paul Reeve at the band’s local studio, Sawmills in Cornwall. David tracked Paul down and a remarkable partnership began. “Once in a while you meet a person who changes you and creates a window of opportunity for you, and that’s been my experience with Paul. He came to meet me without having listened to any of my demos. That really freaked me out at first, but Paul has a rebellious thing in him which I like. He just said he had a good feeling about the project. And then when he heard the demos I saw the twinkle in his eye.”
Together, they went in search of the perfect team to create the album, and Nova 6 was born. “We stared rehearsing and it was as if we’d always played together,” enthuses David, who, as well as singing everything played rhythm guitar and occasionally drums. “Immediately it felt like a band.”
A plan was hatched to cut the album simultaneously in two languages, French and English, giving the music a distinctive flavour for different parts of the world. Tracks were laid down in London and then vocals cut in Cornwall.
Highlights of the album’s English-language version include the intense, brooding Sweet Red Fire, a classic of obsession and addiction; the heartfelt, anthemic Not In My Name; the edgy Fear Song; the moody and stirring Girl At The Edge Of The World; the heady Europop of Song Of The Astronaut and On & On and the glorious punk-pop of In The Bathroom. Plus, in the same spirit, there’s also a scorching cover of The Knack’s My Sharona.
“There’s an amazing energy around this album,” says David. “It’s the first I’ve been involved with that I’m totally proud of. We finished it several months ago and I still love listening to it, it still sounds fresh. Everybody had a good time doing it and I hope every one will have a good time listening to it!”
Nova 6 will be touring all over the world throughout 2005

On n'en sait pas plus qd à la date de sortie de cet album (si il sort en France) mais voici les titres qui devraient y figurer :

On & on
Safe and sound
Sweet Red Fire
Not In My Name
Fear Song
Girl At The Edge Of The World
Song Of The Astronaut
In The Bathroom
My Sharona

+ 5 titres encore inconnus

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